College noble vision “Shrama Eva Jayate” depicts, college is bent upon spreading nationalism, unity and brotherhood excellence in academics, service and competitiveness


Being rural, building better students, state in particular, nation at large. Helping and making the youth force nationalistic, fearless and an asset to the society.Giving a call to 21st century, fit to participate and befit to win the competition through a smart-hard work.

The Goals and Objectives:

The objects for which the Sangha is established are ,

a) To start and maintain a Secondary School at Kittur.

b) To start various educational institutions with regard to the decision of the General Body in its meeting here in after   referred to.

c) To encourage Social Education.

d) To give scholarships to poor deserving students who wish to proceed for higher education.

Goals and objectives of Arts & Commerce College Kittur:

a) To depart education to the economically backward and rural area students, women sect in particular in accordance with the local needs to enhance their academic wealth.

b) To develop the nationalism, unity and brotherhood, discipline, selfless service and quality amongst youth force.

c) To keep pace on the importance of physical, mental, moral and spiritual progress of the students.

d) To stress on , there is no substitute word to the smart- hard work to imbibe the excellence in the education to fulfil the slogan “Shrama Eva Jayate”.

e) To develop the base of technology in the field of current education with competitiveness.

f) To extend general education in large, Social education in particular in which we live.

g) To enrich the classical profession which is considered as a unique and therapy to the mankind namely Hindustani Music with Tabala.

h) To encourage co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

i) To make the students befit for employment so as to stand in the society respectfully.

j) To guide and make the students matching with other states in particular and nation in large.